Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lets grow old together!

Lets grow old together and die at the same time - The White lies

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It was AwEsOmE

Organised Distortion drove down to Durban last week, Woody & I took turns with the driving then Mamaki & Bongani took turns with the lighting and ashing of cigarettes for us (the drivers). “Spikiri” Woody’s golf-1 broke down just as we were about to join N3, coming from Mamaki’s house; the alternator was fucked.

We grabbed a random mechanic; he got us on the road again for (+- R250).
We travelled in peace from there on and got to Durban in one peace. We got a warm welcome from Thule (expresso sishi) Saneli (Moonchild) and her left wing Rowan.

Yesterday I had to leave all my friends in Durban....I’m starting work on Monday!

Let’s go on together
and die at the same time – White Lies

Thursday, February 5, 2009


While I was studying an intermediate photography course at Market Photo WorkShop, some of my friends urged me to apply for a mentorship programme available to students. I applied, and was fortunate enough to get funding for an upcoming solo exhibition.

I’m now slowly pulling near the final stages of its production and I keep getting inconsistent feedback from people that I show my work to. The initial idea clashes with the traditional narrative method of how stories are told, when working within a photographic medium.

The thing is, that I’m very young and still have a lot to explore in the world of photography, and for now I’m finding it quite difficult to adapt to the various ways other photographers work, and the impact photographic traditions and conventions bear on contemporary photography. When I got this funding, I saw it as an opportunity to find myself as a photographer, discover my weak and strong points, and explore with ways of working that best suit me.

My background is like this: photography has always been my thing, though I had never really explored a camera until mid- 2006, before doing my short course - It was magazine madness, music and scrap-booking all the way! I hardly read about the nitty-gritty of photography and its histories; I cared less. I went with the works that fascinated me, and fastened a knot with my gut feel.

This is the kind of attitude I instilled in my work, up to a certain point, but fortunately this project has allowed me to twist my ways a little when it comes to reading and researching about photographers and works that appeal to me. This has becomes one of the major highlights for me during the production of alternative-kidz.

Raw, is what John Fleetwood (the head of Market Photo Workshop) titled this process, when I explained to him my intensions and steps I took & opt to take during the last process of building up this project.
My one and only concern, is that I’ll end-up with work that is not appealing to me, if I following a certain trend just to fit in with what is mainstream. At the same time, I’m anxious of killing my project if I go too explorative with it.


When your times on the door,
And it drips to the floor,
And you feel you can touch,
All the noise is too much,
And the seeds that are sown,
Are no longer your own - Joy Division

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Liam Lynch reckons’ we (New skool kidz) do not understand the old school culture and we’ll never do….! Well, I’ve been feeding myself with JOY DIVISION and T.C. MATIC lately which I think blows me off like non of the bands that I’ve claimed are my favorite…these are the bands that when I’m listening to I sort of feel butterflies running in my stomach, getting exited and spiritual at the same time.

At the same time, The Wombats (News skool kidz), my favourite band of all times "oOpS", have done a track titled let’s dance to Joy Division also puts me on the very same mood that I've talk about when I listen JD and TC-M.

What I intend to say is…sometimes you don’t have to spend time trying to understand everything that interest you, just allow these things to execute their thrilling sway to you. Go with the flow and try by all means not to lie to yourself, and then just be…yourself.

What do you think L?’

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Organised Distortion

Hanging out with musicians when you cannot even play one instrument can be a little bit shitty sometimes. while on a visit to Durban this past weekend, I met with people who are so determined about their music, what I mean is…when I got there on Friday, we went to Urban Zulu concept store – where Organized Distortion played their first gig after an eight months break. And then it was music, pool, cigarettes and a lot of crap talks from Thato (as always) all the way till about 4am at the place we crashed at. If a can here a sound of an piano anytime soon….only I know what I’ll do to who ever that will be playing it.

I am feeling a bit sick, I need meds.