Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rock Therapy # Five

People came in their great numbers yesterday to attend the fifth rock therapy session. They all dedicated their time just to get a glimpse of REBIRTH; well they have been doing it for the past four shows and it has become a diary essential for most of them...same here.

Rebirth (the band) are the organisers of these sessions and are the only band that is currently playing there, never mind that though because shit gets hectic in an awesome way when these dudes are on the roll.

This week the weather wasn’t looking great; they then decided to do the set-up in Nathi’s room which is...I don’t know how big in square mitres, but I know for the fact that it doesn’t take all fifty people at the same time plus instruments. Anyways, everybody was cramped inside there and shit started to happen; people started pogo dancing inside that space, pushing each other against the walls and getting high over the distortions of Rebirth and everything else that one can get high on...

On the 29th of November ’08, they’ll be playing at the Pimeville skate park with other guests that they’ve mentioned, will update that info as soon as I keep in touch with Nathi again.

aLtErNaTiVe DeDiCaTiOn
To aLL rOcK tHeRaPy
PeOpLe AnD rEbIrTh


Sydelle Willow said...

i like skeleton man.


I’m scared “peewee”

Kaos Blac said...

sweet stuff,

Kaos blac