Saturday, December 27, 2008

The twenty fourth of December

She passed out as Thato and Bongani were still refreshing on old Organized Distortions’ songs, they went on and on and I was sitting and watching as they composed and sang new and old songs (inside my heart I was singing too).
3 am on Christmas we went out for “a drive just around the area to see what people do during this in time in DK...just for the fuck of it” - Thato, By that time Two new songs had already been fit for human consumption.
I dig Organized Distortions.....

Monday, December 22, 2008

What's the word again.....???

I don’t know if there is a type of wording that is there for telling a feeling of seeing a sublime friend of all times, who at some point you tried to move on without as they too-up a lonely journey to find their own alchemy in the Egyptian pyramids (Rest, meditation, contemplation and so forth).
On the 13th of this month I received a call from RED-EYE, CARTOON CHAOS OR WOODY if not THATO (choose any that you like) telling me that he’s on a queue to a flight that is coming back Home.


I introduced him to Nathi (Re-burth) and got him to check Nathi on stage this Saturday at Ipelegeng hall – Soweto (nice one Mr. Louw), all done with the intention of getting him in the mood for Organised Distortion aka OD. We are getting BoNgAnI (the OD bassist and a mate) soon from the Vaal then SaN (OD Vocals and a villain Lol) I shall then update you from then on what is coming...


Thursday, December 11, 2008


When you said tulips, I knew that you're mine. Crying in the night, wearing my jacket. Wearing that smile, I knew that I'd found you. This could be an opportunity. If you promise to let it, If you promise to let it grow...'Cos you're the one I love'
- bloc party

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Got KICKED-OUT at Tempo's

I had a first clash with the bouncers on Saturday for photographing at Tempo’s with out the accreditation. I have never had an incident like this ever since I started taking pictures at gigs; maybe I should not read too much into it, could possibly be a “pull-up socks on professionalism call”.

The shit thing about it though is that they could not even let me say bye to a good pal of mine that I met for the first time in person, CEEJAY, whom I reckon thinks am an ass for disappearing with out saying bye…
I’m easy though…I managed to get enough pictures before the riot started. The line-up was super awesome, hi-5.

I don't want to hear you
(Kick me out, kick me out)
I don't want to hear, you know
(Kick me out, kick me out) - arctic monkeys


Monday, December 1, 2008

"Closed For The Season"

Called you up a few weeks ago, thought I was going nowhere. I thought that I had lost my mind and that I was sinking lower. I want to have all the things that I have never had and your about to tell me how or I'll hurt you pretty bad.

So I'll ask you once. I'll ask you twice and if you still can't give a reason! I'll hang a blue sign over your left eye saying 'CLOSED FOR THE SEASON'

Called you up a few days ago cause I still had gotten nowhere. Although I had found a place to go and I was about to go there! But I want to be seated cause I had enough of walking. So you better start giving me answers before my right hand does the talking.

Called you up not long ago cause I still had gotten nowhere! And I was pretty sure now that I had sunken lower All my patience gone and I was getting pissed. I want to own the world and you to taste my fist.