Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Liam Lynch reckons’ we (New skool kidz) do not understand the old school culture and we’ll never do….! Well, I’ve been feeding myself with JOY DIVISION and T.C. MATIC lately which I think blows me off like non of the bands that I’ve claimed are my favorite…these are the bands that when I’m listening to I sort of feel butterflies running in my stomach, getting exited and spiritual at the same time.

At the same time, The Wombats (News skool kidz), my favourite band of all times "oOpS", have done a track titled let’s dance to Joy Division also puts me on the very same mood that I've talk about when I listen JD and TC-M.

What I intend to say is…sometimes you don’t have to spend time trying to understand everything that interest you, just allow these things to execute their thrilling sway to you. Go with the flow and try by all means not to lie to yourself, and then just be…yourself.

What do you think L?’

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