Sunday, March 15, 2009

It was AwEsOmE

Organised Distortion drove down to Durban last week, Woody & I took turns with the driving then Mamaki & Bongani took turns with the lighting and ashing of cigarettes for us (the drivers). “Spikiri” Woody’s golf-1 broke down just as we were about to join N3, coming from Mamaki’s house; the alternator was fucked.

We grabbed a random mechanic; he got us on the road again for (+- R250).
We travelled in peace from there on and got to Durban in one peace. We got a warm welcome from Thule (expresso sishi) Saneli (Moonchild) and her left wing Rowan.

Yesterday I had to leave all my friends in Durban....I’m starting work on Monday!

Let’s go on together
and die at the same time – White Lies

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