Monday, October 27, 2008

The 25th of October @ Tempo's :Make your own Woodstork!

"Come out in your great numbers I've got a very importend announcement to make"
First and foremost: The first and third image on the top strip are of one of the bands that kicked my ass on Saturday, unfortunatley I couldn't get their name and I so wanna check them out next time...Somebody please help me with their link or something...

Last but not least: Me and the kidz went to Tempo's last Saturday to check- out Make your own woodstock at Tempo's.

I got to school myself with new awesome....awesome...awesome bands like The cokestrokes , The Privates international band and more. The privates gave out free CD's and a friend of mine catched three of them and gave out two to some chicks with a hope of getting their numbers in exchange...he's plan was a flop, but the chicks got the CD's.....eishhh


Anonymous said...

Hay man that's my band!
Thanks for taking pictures man!

Anonymous said...

Hey, wow, *blush* we are incredibly flattered. We are the band mentioned above; we're called 'alarmhouse' :) lol you can check us out on facebook, or myspace ''

Party on! You're uber awesome!
-Roxy :)