Thursday, October 23, 2008

Feeling betrayed on a Thursday afternoon

Two favourite mates of all times are fucking me-up, I really feel neglected and betrayed!

1. They promise to never 4get Alternative-kid wherever they go then they step on it as they find their way up the hill!

2. They are promising to give Alternative kid a hand but they seem to be folding it back at the time where I need it the most...

Can't fight!
There's no escaping the factsI tried to help but I failed

I want my wasted hours back
And I want my head to clear
And I have this bad taste in my mouth

I'm drip fed these pictures
And now my words abandon me
The fraction that still me
Said this lives not all it could be

Can't fight, decide a future
Let's dance, you're so robotic
Times up, refill the meter
This disappointment's so electric - The Automatics

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