Monday, October 6, 2008

We have got no time

The only thing we have always wished for is to spend as much time as we can possibly do together, then starting a band called “Curry rice”.
But nobody seems to have time. I normally spend Sunday afternoon lazing around my bed – if anybody can ask me why? I will answer them by saying “only god knows!”

This Sunday was a little bit different though; I got to spend time with long time favorite friends “Kenny and Sihle” in the park at Protea Glen.

If I think carefully about it though even think about roaming around at this point and time of my life is no option; I have a lot that is cooked for my plate for the near future...eish!!!

How many times have we slept side by side, a thousand miles apart?
And how many times have we thought we could finish something we could never even start?
How many times have I said I love you and I hate you in the same breath?
And how many times have we tried to grab something when there was nothing'...

We got no time we got no time
we got no time left at all
– Just Jack

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tumi said...

nice mfana...