Sunday, December 7, 2008

Got KICKED-OUT at Tempo's

I had a first clash with the bouncers on Saturday for photographing at Tempo’s with out the accreditation. I have never had an incident like this ever since I started taking pictures at gigs; maybe I should not read too much into it, could possibly be a “pull-up socks on professionalism call”.

The shit thing about it though is that they could not even let me say bye to a good pal of mine that I met for the first time in person, CEEJAY, whom I reckon thinks am an ass for disappearing with out saying bye…
I’m easy though…I managed to get enough pictures before the riot started. The line-up was super awesome, hi-5.

I don't want to hear you
(Kick me out, kick me out)
I don't want to hear, you know
(Kick me out, kick me out) - arctic monkeys


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Ben Sass said...

Tempos is the lamest venue in Jozi next to Back 2 Basix - good job for getting thrown out of that joke of a "club".