Thursday, December 11, 2008


When you said tulips, I knew that you're mine. Crying in the night, wearing my jacket. Wearing that smile, I knew that I'd found you. This could be an opportunity. If you promise to let it, If you promise to let it grow...'Cos you're the one I love'
- bloc party

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Miyela said...

MIYELA is a literary, illustrative, graphic and photographic journal,
founded and run by a collective of university students in early 2008.

The journal seeks to create a collaborative space where contributors
can utilise the platform, without the creative restrictions
characteristic of the industry. Basically, you would have free
liscence to exhibit your photography, in the manner you see fit,
hopefully breaking boundaries, and exploring techniques which more
commercially based mediums would be apprehensive to publish in its
pure form.

As, a result, we have been trawling the web, looking for interesting
photgraphers, and we have been looking at you blog, and have taken a
keen interest in your work. We are really interested in featuring
artists who have the ability to capture the random moments that make
life the awesome journey it is.

In the past, we have worked with a number of contributors, mainly from
Johannesburg, Cape Town and Grahamstown.

Our two previous issues have featured the photography of; Nkululeko
Mthembu, Sydelle Willow Smith, Thabo Lesoro and Setumo-Thebe Mohlomi.

We would love to get more photographers on board and widen the range
of photography published in the journal. We also have some phographic
based ideas which would like like to be taken up by willing artist..

If you would you be interested in submitting some of your photography
to be published in the journal or to speak to us about the images we
have seen and loved and would like to use, please fell free to get
back to us at

It would be really amazing working with you, and we hope you are keen.

In case you haven't come accross a copy of MIYELA before we have
attached a pdf version of our first issue.

Feel free to take a look at it and tell us what you think.
You can also check our blog out:
Alternatively, we are also on facebook. Check out our group entitled:
MIYELA, or our juristic profile: Miyela Journal.

We hope to hear from you soon.