Monday, December 22, 2008

What's the word again.....???

I don’t know if there is a type of wording that is there for telling a feeling of seeing a sublime friend of all times, who at some point you tried to move on without as they too-up a lonely journey to find their own alchemy in the Egyptian pyramids (Rest, meditation, contemplation and so forth).
On the 13th of this month I received a call from RED-EYE, CARTOON CHAOS OR WOODY if not THATO (choose any that you like) telling me that he’s on a queue to a flight that is coming back Home.


I introduced him to Nathi (Re-burth) and got him to check Nathi on stage this Saturday at Ipelegeng hall – Soweto (nice one Mr. Louw), all done with the intention of getting him in the mood for Organised Distortion aka OD. We are getting BoNgAnI (the OD bassist and a mate) soon from the Vaal then SaN (OD Vocals and a villain Lol) I shall then update you from then on what is coming...


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